Friday, June 8, 2012

Welcome and How to use this site

Hi this is Joe and I just wanted to give a quick idea on how to use this site as a wellness resource. Below you will find ground breaking results posted from my work with Firefighters along with links. Please watch the "Firefighter Health and Wellness"  video (below)  to glean the value of Oxygen uptake for life force and energy production.  My Firefighter research supports the idea that bodily Oxygen uptake is very trainable and trackable.  Oxygen uptake is also highly influential with respect to heart rate reactions, overall health, and athleticism.  A heart rate monitor can feedback valuable information to an individual with a keen eye for pattern recognition, over time.  Further down the blog you will also find videos from well respected individuals which I believe have valuable insights into other components relating to heart rate interactions and overall health.

To the right you will find additional links under the "info and support links".  I will now post occasional but current training up dates under the "Training Secrets" link, so check this tab for the most recent findings in my training or training ideas. The "CardioSystems Youtube" link will take you to video resources I have put together for you as "Play Lists" in support of particular supplements that I am either currently using or which I have researched and found of value based on some aspect of my heart rate interactions relative to power output. Feel free to share these play lists with your friends.  For the most part things won't change here much but  I hope this blog can be used as a good starting point to get people informed and motivated to pursue exercise and improved nutrition.  Again, Up-to-Date daily training feedback, will now be found on my JoeCardio Word Press "Training Secrets"  blog which you can jump to via the link to the right.

I thank you for stopping in and hopefully you will find plenty of support in you fitness journey and many reasons to share this blog with others as we move along on our health and wellness journey together.



Thursday, May 17, 2012

Firefighter Health and Wellness

I am only now publishing the Recruit Data Results from the 2004 Billings Fire Department Max VO2 study for others to view. The dramatic improvements in Firefighter Max VO2 and ventilatory thresholds (AT) were all accomplished over a 6 week moderate to low intensity walking program requiring each of these test subjects to walk 6 days/week for 1hour/day. Our 3 firefighter test subjects individually represented 1 of the 3 widely accepted body types. Recruit #1 was a Mesomorph, Recruit #2 was an Endomorph, and Recruit #3 was an Ectomorph. Please click on this link view  my google doc relating the data to measurable shifts in the Anaerobic Thresholds of each firefighter. The AT (anaerobic threshold) shift to a higher heart rate actually means that the Aerobic System is now contributing a greater percentage of the overall energy output at every heart rate level. This shift or Aerobic Expansion is reflected as an increase in the size of the firefighter's Aerobic System relative to the Anaerobic or Fuel component. Speaking in terms of an combustion engine this means that the Fuel/Air mixture just became leaner. A leaner running engine runs cleaner.(healthier)  If we are talking about the human engine then this translates to a greater potential loss of body fat also. A lean running human engine reflects a lean outward look. A lean running human engine runs cooler and a cooler running human engine highly relates to a cooler thinking individual and a calmer mindset. The term "Hot Head" can actually be related as an individual who is potentially running too Rich. This rich running individual can be calmed down with a cooler running engine via Aerobic expansion. This is exactly the same in principal as we firefighters putting a cooling agent(water) on the the fire or heat source to calm and control energy out of control. We call this energy out of control, "Fire" and fire "out of control", can become destructive. Conversely, "Fire" managed properly is an essential life sustaining heat source.  Excessive sustained heating or internal heat buildup can also ignite emotional flareups or cause individuals to appear highly reactive and/or out of control. This scenario can/may also lead to destructive behavior in the individual much like the fire out of control, but not necessarily. This high energy, if harnessed properly by the host, can also become an unstoppable driving and passionate FORCE.... This is the beginning of understanding the human machine/mind interface relative to Aerobic/Anaerobic energy production.

This finding is significant and this understanding is unprecedented! The individual Firefighter walking protocols used were monitored via Polar down-loadable heart rate monitors and the recommended heart rate intensities were derived from the data extracted from each individual Firefighter's Max VO2 pre-walking program test.

The image below is a graphic overlay of the heart rate reaction of a recruit before and after the 6 weeks of walking. This is an illustration of the Aerobic System Expansion relative to the Anaerobic System as measured via heart rate reactions. Aerobic Expansion is reflected by the lower (blue) line of the graph and as well as the lower overall average and peak heart rate for the exact same workload and duration.  The lower average and peak heart rate reflects the same shifts as measured in the recruit data above. When we understand what is driving heart rates we can then train with more meaningful interpretations of our individual heart rate reactions.

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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Dr. Young and the pH Miracle for Diabetes

Someone gave me Dr. Young's book back in 2005 and that really started my foundational understanding of the Ebb and Flow of Ph in the Body...Normal Blood Ph=7.365....7 Ph=Neutral(no flow lukewarm)....exercise lactic Acid=2.5 Ph(hot)..... the actual blood Ph must be strictly maintained by the body while many other systems buffer, absorb,store, or neutralize acid increases in the body from food, exercise and mental activity required to flow energy and move us through life.... if acids are not able to be neutralized with available minerals,(Note: Beyond Tangy Tangerine will increase available minerals) and removed by the body in a natural flow(cooling)......then these systems begin to backup and break down(anaerobic fermentation)......this is the essence of interval training(hot to cold)....Anaerobic to Aerobic.....higher highs and lower lows create more flow.......this is why I EXERCISE..

The AEROBIC system is the Body's cooling system....any product...Like...PROTANDIM..or...ASEA and many other supplements available on the market,  like Dr. Young's,  that aid the body's cooling (aerobic) system will help restore and maintain the natural ebb and flow of the body and all systems will benefit.....Are we in the sun shine 24/7? it winter 12 months/year?....Summer and Winter are the (hot and cold) seasons of growth.... SPRING-(a steady increase in volume) into peak growth which yields the fruit of the cycle...FALL-(tapering down) into another season of renewal with less volume and lower intensity......this is my logic for cycling verses a long term daily intake of any product that I have personally found to have major influences on my energy systems. The two top products I definitely recommend you consider cycling are Protandim and ASEA....Protandim in the Winter and ASEA in the summer....ASEA (water and a cooling agent) cools and is needed more so in spring and summer training while Protandim (is an enzymatic agent) and will influence both the Anaerobic and Aerobic Energy Systems equally in both Winter and Fall Seasons.  The outcome of Protandim intake will depend greatly on the type of internal energy system balance and the phase of training the individual is in.  For instance a Power Athlete depends more heavily on the Anaerobic System for peak performance while the Endurance Athlete depends more heavily on the Aerobic System (Max VO2) expansion for peak output and performance. I will share more specifics as my personal research moves forward with each of these two very unique products.... 

Friday, October 7, 2011

Unicycling with ASEA

Riding Up to the top of the Beartooth Pass on a perfect fall day in Montana.  My friend Max asked me to attempt this ride with him and I accepted. Max introduced me to Uni-cycling back in 2007 and I rode extensively that year and up until 2009. My last unicycle training ride was 1 and 1/2 years ago so I really was not sure if I could do this ride even though I had raced up this pass on foot(click for results) and on a road bike (click for results) on August 6th & 7th, 2011, in a 2 day event.  This was the last time I put ASEA to the test and I actually drank 2-32oz bottles of ASEA over this weekend event.  I had been doing my own research on this product called ASEA and I thought I would use my unicycle outing to give ASEA yet another test. I personally do not network market this product so I had to purchase the ASEA for these events from a wellness center near my home. If anyone would like to see more of my research into ASEA I would invite you become my friend on facebook or ask to join my facebook Expresso Bike Group("Expresso Bike Riders and Fans") where I promote indoor cycling on an Expresso Bike. Once you are a member of this facebook group I would encourage you to create a free Expresso Bike user account and locate one in your area to try it. I have a secret facebook ASEA group where I post detailed training feedback relating to my balance training with ASEA but it is currently available upon request only, to members of my Expresso Bike Riders and Fans Group. My thinking here is to introduce a training device which I endorse and use daily and which I believe is an essential part of any type of complimentary wellness product such as ASEA.

Monday, April 18, 2011

CrossFit Workout #2

Here is a graph of my heart rate reaction for my 2nd CrossFit workout. This workout was completed last Saturday morning, 4-16-2011. It was a total of 9 days from Crossfit workout #1 to #2 and that is typically as long as muscle can hold gains, at least from my research and experience. The window that I am looking at right now is a repeat Crossfit workout from 7 to 10 days. As I become more conditioned to the intense muscular breakdown I will shorten my recovery time between each workout while maintaining my rigorous Aerobic Endurance training. You can check the graph of my Aerobic Endurance workout that immediately followed this CrossFit workout in my tweets for Satruday, April 16th. I was pleased that I could follow a Crossfit workout with my usual Saturday Aerobic Endurance Training Day but I had to cut my volume duration in half.

Here is the workout I did, this was a 17 minute workout start to finish consisting of (3) 5minute (As Many Reps As Possible) rounds with a 1 minute rest after round 1 and 2.  Each round had 5 exercises consisting of (5) 1minute sets. I started with 75lb Thrusters and moved onto Farmer Walks using (2) 45lb kettlebells. This was followed with 95lb Sumo Deadlift High Pulls, ouch! I then moved right along into Jumping Pullups and finished with Suicide sprints. As you can see in the graph above I did get a little heart rate recovery after the first round but not so much after the 2nd round. In the graph above you can see how I followed the 17 minutes of CrossFit with a 2000meter row just like last week. The row this week was at a steady 10minute pace for my 2000meter row finishing in 10:04:4, the damper setting was on #6 just like last week also.  Now notice that my heart rate for the row was slightly elevating over the 10 minutes vs last week it was dropping over the 10 minutes, just make a mental note here as it will come into play next week. Thanks for checking in and have a great training week!


P.S. In case you are wondering my total reps for this workout was 184 while my friend and more experienced CrossFit instructor did nearly 250 total reps.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

First CrossFit Workout

This heart rate graph represents my heart rate response from my first CrossFit workout. This a little over a 25 minute file and begins with the 10 minute CrossFit workout.  I had 10 minutes to complete as many rounds as I could. Each round consisted of 3 Major exercises starting with Burpees then on to 35lb. KettleBell Vertical Swings and finishing with Kipping Pullups. 10 reps were required for each exercise before moving on to the next.  I completed 4 full rounds plus 7 Burpees into the 5th round.  I followed this with a cool down on the Concept2 Rower in 9minutes and 12 seconds. You can see in the graph above that the heart rate was slightly dropping in the 10 minute recovery phase post CrossFit.  I was rowing a a steady 9 minute pace for 2000meters on the Concept2 rower.  This heart rate drop at a steady pace indicates that I was clearing lactate and replacing global ATP supply. This is usually my first step for my recovery post exertions.


P.S.  I would like to give a special thanks to Wes at Yellowstone CrossFit, Thanks Wes!